Education Specialist (Preschool)...

Reports To: Director of Special Education
Department: Special Education 
FLSA Status: Exempt
Months: 12
Pay Grade: Contingent Upon ESC Salary Schedule

Education Service Center Region 15 is dedicated to excellence in education through leadership, partnership, and service.

Position Purpose:   As a service organization, Education Service Center Region 15’s primary commitment is to provide superior support to every Local Education Agency (LEA) stakeholder served.  Our people are our greatest asset.  All staff in the Teaching and Learning program area believe it is imperative that all students have the same opportunity to learn no matter where they live or what school they attend.  Therefore, the Teaching and Learning program area is committed to assisting our LEAs in the task of ensuring a proficient teacher is in every classroom throughout Region 15.  As a member of the Teaching and Learning program area, you will assist in helping us achieve our vision of a proficient teacher in every classroom by providing our LEAs with high-quality support and resources.  

This position reports to the Special Education Director and is responsible for leading and guiding the LEAs of Region 15 in research-based best practices relative to specific content of this position; while supporting a high performance culture that emphasizes excellence, quality, productivity, and standards.

Essential Functions:
  • Program Knowledge and Understanding: Exhibit deep content knowledge specific to Special Education Kg - 12th Grade; to provide continuity, coherence and effectiveness in the development of the teaching/learning process. Stay current and up-to-date on the most effective practices, skills and strategies that enhance knowledge and transfer of learning.
  • Partnership, Support and Coaching: Design, deliver and facilitate content-specific, as well as, systemic best practice (e.g., campus-wide/district-wide) job-embedded professional development, including:
    1. Whole-group trainings that build a shared understanding of skills, practices, or systems and include opportunities for practice.
    2. Support for participants implementing a new skill, practice, or system within their context, including co-planning, observation, and real-time feedback.
    3. One-on-one coaching sessions that identify participant successes and develop their capacity to improve high-leverage areas of growth.
  • Culture & Growth: Contribute to maintaining and improving the culture of the ESC through customer service, respect for confidentiality, displaying self-initiative, and modeling a growth mindset through self-reflection and feedback reception.
Major Duties/Responsibilities:
  • Coordinate regional training, major training institutes, and staff development sessions for teachers, support staff, and administrators who have students enrolled in IDEA-B Preschool classrooms. 
  • Provide individual consultation and technical assistance to LEAs, teachers, and paraprofessional staff in developing and/or improving IDEA-B Preschool programs for children with disabilities. 
  • Provide effective communication/feedback to LEA administrators and/or special education directors regarding specific programming needs for students assigned to IDEA-B Preschool classrooms in their respective school districts and/or cooperatives including Preschool AGC/LRE. 
  • Disseminate region-wide materials and/or information pertinent to innovative Preschool programs serving children with disabilities. 
  • Attend professional meetings, seminars, and other training sessions to be informed of current innovations and research in Preschool education programs. 
  • Coordinate the implementation of the budget in compliance with the approved IDEA-B Preschool program. 
  • Develop strategies for collaboration with other agencies serving children with disabilities under 6 years of age including Texas Workforce Solutions Child Care and ESC Region 15 Head Start. 
  • Coordinate with Early Childhood Intervention programs to provide transition services to identified infants with disabilities and their families. 
  • Assist and train LEAs with compliance, data gathering, and reporting for the State Performance Plan. 
  • Provide staff development in the area of Early Childhood Outcomes Training/ECO with SPP #6, SPP #7, SPP #11, and SPP #12, as needed. 
  • Support total ESC Region 15 operation through cooperation with other center staff and components. 
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Special Education Program Director and Executive Director.
Special Knowledge/Skills:
  • Experience in Special Education (Required) 
  • Background and experience with program design and development for students with emotional disorders, general classroom management, and other behavior-related educational needs 
  • In-Depth knowledge of instructional practices that lead to improved teaching and learning, including data-driven practices, observation and feedback coaching, student culture routines, designing and delivering professional development and change management 
  • Knowledge of instructional strategies and classroom development appropriate for students with disabilities 
  • Demonstrates educational and assistive technology skills  
  • Possesses the ability to deal effectively with parents, students, and school personnel in the areas of Special Education, assistive technology and low incidence disabilities 
  • Exhibits the ability to be a team member and is service-oriented 
Contact Information:
Brian Arrott, Director of Special Education