Bookkeeping Assistant...

Location: ESC Region 15, San Angelo, TX
Reports To: Business Office Manager
Position: Non-Exempt/12 Month - 236 Days
Salary: Based on ESC Region 15 Salary Schedule

Primary Purpose:
To support Education Service Center (ESC) Region 15 by providing administrative assistance and serving as a liaison between departments and the Business Office. Perform bookkeeping and procurement tasks accurately and efficiently to ensure quality results in a professional and timely manner.

  1. Coordinate purchases of all goods and services for the ESC as set forth in accordance with the Texas Education Agency Financial Accountability System Resources Guide (FASRG), Texas Education Code (TEC), Texas Local Government Code, and ESC Region 15 Purchasing Policy.
  2. Assist ESC Region 15 staff with purchasing processes including: placing orders, receiving orders, assist with purchasing cooperatives, and verify required purchasing documents/documentation.
  3. Process and approve requisitions and purchase orders for ESC and maintain accurate records.
  4. Communicate with vendors to verify availability of goods, invoice status, and other issues as needed. 
  5. Maintain and process vendor packets for approved vendor list and negotiate annual contracts with hotels for corporate rates. 
  6. Organize and process Purchasing Coop orders; including receiving goods. 
  7. Assist with Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable processes.
  8. Prepare ESC fleet vehicles for use and maintain accurate vehicle usage records, trip tickets, gas receipts, sign in/out log, and mileage.
  9. Maintain vehicle records, registration and maintenance. 
  10. Assist with asset management; new, capitalized and existing inventory.
  11. Maintain ESC Business Office filing system and record retention. 
  12. Assist with ESC mail pick-up as needed. 
  13. Assist with postage machine and workroom equipment as needed. 
  14. Process utilities documentation. 
  15. Support the mission, goals, and objectives of the ESC. 
  16. Perform professional responsibilities as required by ESC policies, processes, and procedures. 
  17. Attend staff meetings and trainings as directed by the Business Office Manager. 
  18. Incorporate appropriate technology in daily work and exhibits continual growth in technologies as outlined by supervisor. 
  19. Perform other duties as assigned. 
  • Maintain a professional level of confidentiality, integrity and judgement regarding all ESC matters
  • Demonstrate excellence in self-motivation and strong organizational skills Experience in purchasing/procurement 
  • Knowledge of policies and procedures for purchasing and invoicing
  • Ability to work with numbers in an accurate and rapid manner 
  • Knowledge of travel procedures and accounts payable
  • Ability to use software, develop spreadsheets, create databases and proficient in word processing
  • Clerical and bookkeeping experience
For Additional Information:
Charity Vasquez
Business Office Manager