Student Data Specialist I...

Reports To: Data Services Coordinator
Position: Exempt/236 Days 
Salary: Based on ESC Region 15 Salary Schedule

Primary Job Purpose:
Pertaining to the role of Texas Student Data System (TSDS), TxEIS/ASCENDER, and related applications, databases, and documentation sources as part of the overall organizational structure, administration, operation, and utilization: work collaboratively with Data Services team members and coordinator to develop and implement strategies designed to ensure effectiveness and efficiency; exercise independent authority in consulting with internal and external clients; provide consultation and expert advice to internal and external management; exercise discretion and independent judgment with respect to matters of significance regarding effective and efficient implementation and utilization.

Responsibilities and Duties:
  • Support department coordinator, team members, and clients in organizational processes and procedures related TSDS, TxEIS/ASCENDER, and related applications, databases, and documentation sources.
  • Advise and consult with internal and external clients on all points of the data path from entry through final verification and reporting
  • Identify proper levels of implementation and utilization of software and databases as part of a larger system
  • Exercise independent authority to negotiate software and database functionality enhancements that are designed to increase efficiency of operations of internal and external clients
  • Utilize problem-solving and organizational skills to maintain effectiveness and efficiency in student data reporting requirements and assure compliance with reporting deadlines
  • Exhibit initiative by expressing opinions and suggesting changes needed to maximize efficiency and effectiveness
  • Ensure that internal and external clients are given the opportunity to maximize their use of TSDS, TxEIS/ASCENDER and related systems and have implemented effective strategies for ensuring effective and efficient use of the systems
  • Provide consultation, training, and expert advice to internal and external personnel to ensure availability of a broad base of quality customer service and support related to TSDS, TxEIS/ASCENDER, and related applications, databases, and documentation sources
  • Foster communication and collaboration between the ESC, district personnel, programming staff, the Texas Education Agency (TEA), and other applicable parties to clarify rules and regulations, data management, and reporting issues, and negotiate steps needed to resolving issues
  • Attend TSDS, MIS (or equivalent), and TCC professional development, training, and meetings to maintain awareness and ensure professional growth
  • Maintain certification in all available TSDS components necessary to serve in the roles of TSDS Technical Champion, TSDS PEIMS Champion, TSDS UID Champion, TSDS Core Collections Champion, and TIMS Champion.
  • Maintain a general working knowledge of all related sources, systems, and manuals (ie: TREX, SAAH, TEDS, TSDS, TxEIS/ASCENDER, TEAL, TIMS, Accountability, MIS (or equivalent) and others)
  • Exercise independent authority to develop and maintain systems documentation and technical assistance manuals
  • Conduct professional development and training presentations to internal and external clients
  • Provide technical assistance, consulting services, and advise in database management, conversions, and related area
  • Provide telephone, on-site, remote and email assistance to internal and external clients
  • Utilize problem-solving skills to manage internal and external clients' compliance with reporting deadlines
  • Comply with all ESC Region 15 policies and procedures
  • Maintain an organized work area
  • Communicate effectively with internal and external clients, colleagues, and leaders
  • Demonstrate cooperation, consideration, and professional courtesy
  • Demonstrate proper and efficient use of center materials and equipment
  • Perform assignments efficiently and without continuous supervision
  • Adhere to work schedules and attendance policies 
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Data Services Coordinator
  • Five years software, database analysis, public school data processing, information systems or acceptable related work experience
  • Experience developing organizational processes, procedures, implementation and utilization of software as part of a larger system
  • Ability to detect and resolve problems in application software
  • Ability to guide and lead others toward maximizing effectiveness and efficiency in the use of organizational data systems
  • Ability to develop and maintain systems documentation and technical assistance manuals
  • Experience providing customer training, technical support, and professional development
  • Knowledge of TSDS, TEDS, SAAH, and PEIMS
  • Ability to work collaboratively with leader, team members, and clients
  • Experience in problem solving techniques and working in a client-based environment
  • Proficient in using Windows applications, Microsoft Office, Internet, and Email
  • Experience working in a network/database environment
For Additional Information Contact:
Melissa Anthony
Data Services Coordinator