Mental Health Specialist (Hourly)...

Reports To: Deputy Director
Location: Education Service Center Region 15
Salary: Based on ESC Region 15 Salary Schedule
Position: Part-Time/Hourly (Open Until Filled)

1. Provide information, training, education, and consultation services.
2. Serve as an expert resource to faculty, staff, and administration in the
    areas of intervention services, including mental health services.
3. Participate in a Behavioral Health Component Professional Learning
    Community ZOOM Meeting Series at least one time per month; 
4. Conduct an assessment of behavioral health needs in LEAs and the region as
    a whole. The assessment must include: 
        a. Facilitated support for the LEAs who will conduct school climate
           surveys of staff and students, 
        b. Integration of perception data into needs assessment process, and 
        c. Assistance to LEAs in analyzing school climate survey data and
           using it to inform the needs assessment process and build a multi-
           tiered system of support; 
5. Develop a Behavioral Health Component Professional Learning Community with
    at least five small and rural LEAs in the respective region (LEA cohort)
    that meet through ZOOM Meeting Series, or equivalent, or face to face, as
    determined by the ESC at least once per month; 
6. Enroll LEA cohort in SHAPE System: 
        a. Serve on each LEA cohort team, 
        b. Attend a national online training of SHAPE System as scheduled by
        c. Invite LEA cohort to participate in this training, and 
        d. Support LEA cohort to take the baseline SHAPE System Self-
7. Train and support LEA cohort on Behavioral Health Practice Guide Tools,
        a. Introduction and Overview of Behavioral Health Ecosystem Network
           and TEA Tools, 
        b. School Behavioral Health Needs Assessment with TEA Tools and School
           Climate Data, 
        c. Resource Mapping to identify and map internal and external School
           Behavioral Health resources with TEA Tools, 
        d. Behavioral Health Campus Planning to build preliminary School
           Behavioral Health Campus Service Delivery Plan with TEA Tools and
           develop a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), and
        e. Intervention and Consultation on additional student-level processes
            and TEA Tools; 
8. Build resources and relationships that support: 
        a. Participation in Local Mental Health Authorities (LMHAs) webinars
           to learn associated systems,
        b. Collaboration with the HB19 Mental Health Professional assigned to
           the ESC, 
        c. Participation in LMHA orientation activities, introductions to
           resources and support for LEAs, 
        d. Statewide telemedicine initiatives, and 
        e. Development of potential telemedicine providers to support LEA
           cohorts’ potential   participation in future telemedicine

  • Valid Texas license in one of the following:
       * Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)
       * Licensed Social Worker (LMSW, LBSW, LCSW)
       * Licensed Specialist in School Psychology (LSSP)
       * Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor (LCDC)
       * Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT)
  • Three years of experience providing services to high risk
    children/adolescents through a community agency, hospital, and /or non-
    profit, preferred.
  • Experience with trauma-informed critical incident response preferred.
  • Experience with school-aged populations including experience using
    prevention/intervention skills with students and families preferred.  

Contact Information:
Laura Strube
Deputy Director