Mason ISD Lead Custodian...

Reports to: Campus Principals/Superintendent 
Department: Custodial
Compensation:  Hourly wage
Overtime Status: Earns Overtime

Position Summary: Cleaning and maintaining the entire facility using the proper chemicals, equipment and techniques. He/she will report any unsafe conditions and/or maintenance needs to the Maintenance Director.

Minimum Qualifications/Job Requirements: 
Education: High school diploma or equivalent
Essential Job Functions:
  • Locking the doors at specified times
  • Securing all buildings.
  • Cleaning the classrooms (i.e., empty the pencil sharpeners, empty the trash, dust, clean desk/tables, clean sinks, fill dispensers if applicable, sweep/vacuum the floor, mop, secure the windows and lock the doors). 
  • Cleaning the restrooms (i.e., fill dispensers, empty all trash, clean and disinfect sinks and fixtures., clean and disinfect stools and urinals, clean mirrors, clean and disinfect walls and stalls, check ceiling for paper towels and other objects, sweep and flood mop floors). 
  • Cleaning the gyms and locker rooms using proper procedures. 
  • Cleaning the main office and nurse‚Äôs station using proper procedures. 
  • Cleaning the cafeteria and/or kitchen using proper procedures. 
  • Cleaning the auditorium using proper procedures. 
  • Cleaning the drinking fountains and hand washing sinks. 
  • Sweep, mop and buffing the hallways using proper procedures.