Finance Specialist I...

Reports To: School Financial Services Coordinator/School Financial Services Lead

Primary Job Purpose:
Maintain accurate budget, finance, and payroll records of school districts participating in ESC 15 School Financial Services Cooperative.  Develop financial reports and procedures to assist participating districts in maintaining compliance with state and federal program requirements.  Provide assistance to districts in school finance related matters.

Component Responsibilities and Duties:

Provide accounting/bookkeeping assistance. Respond to inquiries from LEA's by phone, email, and other correspondence as requested or contracted.

Provide on-site visits, as necessary, to support business office operations. Assist in financial matters including; bank reconciliations, internal controls, audit prep, and other financial reporting issues.

Provide technical financial benchmarking. Utilize databases from LEA's and templates prepared by ESC 15 staff to generate reports and data to be used by School Financial Services.
Provide financial oversight services to LEA's. Oversee the financial matters of the LEA's through monitoring of their accounting software and on-site visits and equip the administration the administration with information and resources to better monitor their financial condition.

Maintain knowledge of current legislature. Attend training and monitor websites necessary to maintain a current knowledge of legislative and reporting requirements.  Websites include: TEA, TRS, IRS, TASBO, and Texas ISD.

Support internal ESC Region 15 functions and "Core Values".

Participate in ESC Region 15 and/or other professional development opportunities that will enhance the positions and allow for personal growth.

Perform other duties delegated by the Coordinator of School Financial Services, Associate Director or Executive Director.

Security Requirements: 

All positions at ESC 15 are defined as security-sensitive.  Security-sensitive positins are those which require employees to be entrusted with certain types of data, whether electronic or in paper form.. Those data elements, as defined by the ESC 15 Data Classification and Handling Policy may include, but not limited to:
  •  Sensitive Personal Information (SPI)
  •  Personally, Identifiable Information (PII)
  •  Protected Health Information (PHI)
  •  Family Educational Records (FERPA Data)
  •  Federal Tax Information (FTI)
It is the employee's on-going responsibility to safe guard this type of data and to report any instance of lost or stolen data.

General ESC Responsibilities and Duties:

  * Keep fully informed of current compliance and assessment measures
  * Demonstrate ability to make informed decisions about subject matter and    
    the most suitable presentation format for target audience
  * Organize ideas for logical presentation and acceptance of topic by  
  * Express ideas and information effectively in both oral and written form
  * Read, understand, and consistently apply or adhere to ESC policy and 
    administrative procedures
  * Maintain confidentiality with regard to sensitive or protected information
  * Provide information to relevant audiences in a timely manner
  * Respond to client services request in a timely manner
  * Demonstrate flexibility in responding to clients' changes in priorities
    and needs
  * Maximize use of assigned ESC resources and funds
  * Dress and groom appropriately for ESC setting

Physical Demands and Working Conditions:

  * Frequent standing, stooping, bending, sitting, walking, climbing
  * Occasional lifting, carrying and transporting equipment up to 25 pounds
  * Repetitive hand motions
  * Ability to see, speak, hear, communicate, and utilize electronic 
    communication devices
  * Manage multiple tasks and work cooperatively with others
  * Occasional work under stressful conditions
  * Work with frequent interruptions, tight deadlines, and limited office 
  * Frequent travel, both in region and out of region, including overnight