Lead Custodian...

8Reports to: Superintendent
Department: Custodial 
Compensation:  Determined with experience
Overtime Status: Non-Exempt
Date Job Revised: January 8, 2019 

Position Summary: Supervising all custodians and assisting with cleaning and maintaining the entire facility using the proper chemicals, equipment, and techniques. He/she will report any unsafe conditions and/or maintenance needs to the Superintendent.

Minimum Qualifications/Job Requirements: 
Education: High school diploma or equivalent
Essential Job Functions:
  • Supervising all custodial personnel
  • Knowledge of proper cleaning procedures
  • Maintain cleanliness throughout the district as well safe a safe environment
  • Locking the doors at specified times.
  • Taking down the flag.
  • Securing all buildings.
  • Cleaning the classrooms (i.e., empty the pencil sharpeners, empty the trash, dust, replace burned out lights, clean desk/tables, clean sinks, fill dispensers if applicable, clean the chalkboard, sweep/vacuum the floor, mop, secure the windows and lock the doors). 
  • Cleaning the restrooms (i.e., fill dispensers, empty all trash, clean and disinfect sinks and fixtures., clean and disinfect stools and urinals, clean mirrors, clean and disinfect walls.
  • Cleaning the gyms and locker rooms using proper procedures. 
  • Cleaning the main office and nurse‚Äôs station using proper procedures. 
  • Cleaning the cafeteria and/or kitchen using proper procedures. 
  • Cleaning the auditorium using proper procedures. 
  • Cleaning the drinking fountains and hand washing sinks. 
  • Sweep, mop and buffing the hallways using proper procedures. 
  • Assisting the Building and Grounds Site Supervisor in summer clean-up and special cleaning projects as needed. 
    • Other duties as assigned by the Superintendent.