Administrative Assistant (Migrant Education Program)...

Job Goal 
To provide efficient and organized secretarial functions in support of the ESC Region 15 Title I, Part C Migrant Education Program

Reports To 
Migrant Education Program Specialists, Federal Programs Director, Associate Director, and/or Executive Director

Minimum of five years of acceptable Migrant Education Program experience, preferred; Experience working with Federal Funding Programs, preferred; Computer skills to include network systems, desktop publishing, word processing and use of Windows; Bilingual (Spanish), preferred; Ability to professionally deal with staff and clients

Performance Responsibilities 
  1. Perform general duties of secretary to the Migrant Specialists and Technician, including correspondence, mail distribution, appointment calendar, travel arrangements and expenses, activities, filing, office supplies, telephone messages, contacts, etc.; 
  2. Responsible for initiation and follow-up of purchase orders for Migrant and CTE Specialists; 
  3. Responsible for preparing workshop space, registration sheets, and evaluation sheets for in-service workshops as developed by the Migrant Education Program Specialists; 
  4. Responsible for checking the TxEIS printout for totals of payment authorizations, travel vouchers, purchase orders, etc.; 
  5. Will assume responsibility of office management such as distributing workload, if necessary, and/or other responsibilities applicable to good office procedure; 
  6. To perform any other designated responsibilities as assigned by Migrant Education Specialists, Federal Programs Director, Associate Director, and/or Executive Director; 
  7. Keep fully informed of current compliance and assessment measures;
  8. Demonstrate ability to make informed decisions about subject matter and the most suitable presentation format for target audience; 
  9. Organize ideas for logical presentation and acceptance of topic by participants; 
  10. Express idea and information effectively in both oral and written form; 
  11. Read, understand, and consistently apply or adhere to ESC policy and administrative procedure; 
  12. Maintain confidentiality with regard to sensitive or protected information; 
  13. Provide information to relevant audiences in a timely manner; 
  14. Respond to client services request in a timely manner; 
  15. Demonstrate flexibility in responding to clients' changes in priorities and needs; 
  16. Maximize use of assigned ESC resources and funds; 
  17. Dress and groom appropriately for ESC setting
For Additional Information Contact
Robin Graves, Associate Director 
Phone: 325-658-6571