Finance Support II...

Primary Purpose:
Maintain accurate budget, finance, and payroll records of school districts participating in ESC 15 School Financial Services Cooperative. Develop financial reports and procedures to assist participating districts in maintaining compliance with state and federal program requirements. Provide technical assistance to districts in school finance related matters.

5 years school district business office experience preferred
Advanced coursework in accounting related subjects
Knowledge of accounting principles and practices
Knowledge of Texas Education Agency Accounting Practices (FASRG) preferred 
Knowledge and experience in ESC supported accounting software (TxEIS) preferred
Knowledge of school district accounting and payroll practices and procedures preferred 
Prefer experience working in a network/database environment
Proficient in Windows applications, Internet, and Email
Experience in using coding systems
Ability to use personal computer and software to develop financial documents
Experience in problem solving techniques and working in a client based environment

Demonstrate strong organizational skills
Demonstrate strong communication, public relations and interpersonal skills
Demonstrate cooperation, consideration, and professional courtesy with clients and staff members
Ability to meet established deadlines 
Maintain job related confidentiality
Perform duties as required by ESC Region 15 School Financial Services contract with participating districts 
Maintain accurate and complete payroll accounting and budget records for districts participating in the ESC Region 15 School Financial Services Cooperative
Assist districts in the ESC Region15 School Financial Services Cooperative with daily finance related duties. 
Prepare monthly payroll and related reports
Assist districts with end of year accounting entries and audit support
Demonstrate working knowledge of state and federal laws pertaining to school district finance and payroll
Assist districts in understanding and applying state and federal laws and regulations as applicable
Comply with all ESC Region 15 policies and procedures 
Perform other duties delegated by the School Financial Services Lead, Coordinator of Financial Services, Deputy Director or Executive Director