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  • Teacher

    Mason ISD has an opening for the Art Teaching Position at the High School beginning 1/7/2019. 
  • Paraprofessional – Special Education / Title 1 / ESL

    1. High School Diploma or equivalent
    2. Aptitude for the work to be performed
    3. Interest in children and education
    4. Desire to assist students with special needs in a learning environment
    5. Emotional maturity and stability necessary for the specialized work involved
    6. Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Board find appropriate and acceptable

    REPORTS TO / EVALUATED BY: Principal, Special Education / Title 1 / ESL / General Education Teacher(s)

    JOB GOAL: To assist, support, and work closely with teachers, administrators, and other team members in providing educational benefit for students.

    1. Works with individual students or small groups of students to reinforce learning of materials or skills initially introduced and outlined by certified staff.
    2. Assists the certified staff in devising special strategies for reinforcing learning materials and skills based on a sympathetic understanding of individual students, their needs, interests, and abilities.
    3. Monitors work, corrects papers, and supervises curriculum-based testing and makeup work as assigned by the certified staff.
    4. Serves as the chief source of information and help to any guest teacher assigned in the absence of the regular certified staff.
    5. Performs clerical, classroom maintenance, and instructional duties as assigned by the certified staff.
    6. Alerts the certified staff to any problem or special information about an individual student.
    7. Performs assigned supervision of students during lunch periods, play periods, and on field trips.
    8. Performs assigned non-instructional classroom duties, such as snack time, toileting, and clothing routines.
    9. When requested, serves as a resource person to the General Education Intervention Team and/or IEP / Title 1 / ESL Team(s). 

    • Approximately nine month working period
    • 60-day probation
    • Salary per salary schedule
    • Position constitutes an employee at will of the Board, with a contract length and salary to be established annually by the Board 
    • Fulfills the requirements of the Texas Paraprofessional Standards 
    EVALUATION: Performance of this job will be evaluated annually in accordance with provisions of the Board’s policy on Evaluation of Classified Personnel. 
  • ESC Region 15 Librarian Specialist

    Primary Job Purpose:  To provide literacy assistance to personnel in regional districts and establishing and/or improving learning resource centers. To provide assistance to all educators in the access and use of digital media.

    Part Time Position:  This position is for a part time employee with the possibility of full time employment based on the individual’s additional skills and qualifications.

    Responsibilities and Duties:  
    Train and provide on-site technical support to library personnel located in participating school districts of Region 15
    • Train, supervise and assist library personnel in collection development, organization and learning arrangements which support the curriculum goals in each school
    • Assist teachers in the appropriate use of supplemental instructional materials including digital resources
    • Attend professional development conferences, workshops, seminars, or institutes that would result in enhanced services to school districts in this region
    • Train key personnel in districts and provide support for online resources such as Discovery Education, Destiny, and TexQuest
    • Train all educators on research/inquiry practices
    • Provide support for the literacy of all students including special populations
    • Provide trainings in various formats such as face-to-face, online and blended delivery
    • Other duties as determined by the Executive Director, Associate Executive Director of Teaching and Learning, or Director of Instructional Services

    Physical Demands and Working Conditions:
    • Frequent standing, stooping, bending, sitting, walking, climbing
    • Occasional lifting, carrying and transporting equipment up to 25 pounds
    • Repetitive hand motions
    • Ability to see, speak, hear, communicate, and utilize electronic communication devices
    • Manage multiple tasks and work cooperatively with others
    • Occasional work under stressful conditions
    • Work with frequent interruptions, tight deadlines, and limited office space
    Frequent travel, both in region and out of region, including overnight travel

    Negotiable - based on experience

  • School Leadership Specialist

    Position will work with administrative services team to provide training and technical assistance to Region 15 principals.


    Master’s Degree

    Texas Teaching Certificate

    Mid-Management Certification

    Minimum of three years’ experience as campus principal

    Demonstrate ability to provide effective instructional leadership in a supervisory or administrative role

    Demonstrate ability to analyze student, campus, and district level performance data

    Demonstrate ability to communicate effectively in written and oral form

    Demonstrate ability to perform research activities

    Reports To: Director of Administrative Services/Federal Programs

    Supervises: Non-exempt staff assigned to position

    Performance Responsibilities:

    Provide/assist with trainings related to teacher and principal growth and appraisal systems

    Stay abreast of state and federal accountability information and providing training and technical assistance as needed

    Analyze state and regional performance data to share with districts

    Serve as Turnaround Advisory Team member assisting the support of schools with improvement requirements

    Train and assist districts with the continuous improvement process (data analysis, needs assessment, improvement planning – implement and monitor)

    Establish and maintain lines of communication with campus principals to:
    -ensure timely receipt of information regarding state and federal initiatives
    -share innovative research based practices
    -provide technical assistance in all areas of the principalship

    Serve and/or lead on Region 15 teams dedicated to collaborative efforts with other ESCs and agencies

    Serve as a field supervisor in the Alternative Certification Program 

    Perform other duties as assigned by Director of Administrative Services/Federal Programs, Associate Director of Teaching and Learning and/or Executive Director 

    Negotiable based on professional experience

    Frequent travel, both in region and out of region, including overnight travel

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