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  • Finance Specialist I

    Reports To: Director/Lead Financial Services
    Financial Services
    FLSA Status:
    Contingent Upon ESC Salary Schedule

    Education Service Center Region 15 is dedicated to excellence in education through leadership, partnership, and service.

    Essential Functions:  
    • Finance/Accounting Principles and Understanding: Exhibit deep knowledge specific to General Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), Finance Accountability System Resource Guide (FASRG), Education Department General Administrative Regulations (EDGAR) and administrative and business procedures to maintain compliance with all daily fiscal operations. Stay informed and up-to-date on the most current accounting and payroll practices, Public Education Information Management System (PEIMS), government regulations and state and federal laws.   
    • Financial Management: Comply with all financial requirements, regulations and procedures; ensuring accuracy in the procurement and expense process.  Assist in the development, implementation, administration and management of funds to ensure resources are used appropriately and are extensively regulated for the purpose of fiscal efficiency.  Support all realms of school business operations.                
    • Partnership, Support and Training: Deliver and facilitate technical assistance and support on a day to day basis for all LEAs and stakeholders served; including but not limited to:
      1. Guidance that builds a shared understanding of responsibilities, duties and requirements of fiscal and compliance operations.
      2. Support for clients to confirm understanding of legal requirements and mandates through practice, additional explanation, observation, and real-time feedback.
      3. Face-to-face sessions that identify participant successes and specific needed areas of growth and reinforcement.
    • Culture & Growth: Contribute to maintaining and improving the culture of the ESC through customer service, respect for confidentiality, displaying self-initiative, and modeling a growth mindset through self-reflection and feedback reception.
    Major Responsibilities and Duties:
    • Respond to inquiries from LEAs by phone, email, and other correspondence as requested or contracted. 
    • Provide on-site visits as necessary to support business office operations. 
    • Maintain accurate and complete payroll accounting and budget records for LEAs participating in the ESC Region 15 School Financial Services Cooperative. 
    • Prepare monthly payroll and related reports. 
    • Assist LEAs in the ESC 15 School Financial Services Cooperative with daily finance related issues. 
    • Prepare and maintain accurate and complete records and reports as required by law, state directives, ESC policy and procedural directives. 
    • Provide technical financial benchmarking reports. 
    • Utilize databases from LEAs and templates prepared by ESC 15 staff to generate reports and data to be used by School Financial Services. 
    • Provide financial oversight services to LEAs.  
    • Equip LEA administration with information and resources to better monitor their financial condition. 
    • Maintain knowledge of current legislature. 
    • Attend training and monitor websites necessary to maintain a current knowledge of legislative and reporting requirements. Websites include: Texas Education Agency (TEA), Teacher Retirement System (TRS), Internal Revenue System (IRS), Texas Association of School Business Officials (TASBO) and Texas ISD. 
    • Support internal ESC Region15 functions and core values. 
    • Participate in ESC Region 15 and/or other professional development opportunities that will enhance the position and allow for personal growth.
    • Perform other duties delegated by the Finance Services Lead, Finance Services Director, Deputy Director or Executive Director.  
    Special Knowledge/Skills:
    • Knowledge and experience in ESC supported accounting software (TxEIS/ASCENDER) 
    • Knowledge of school LEA accounting and payroll practices and procedures 
    • Self-driven to read, interpret, and communicate information relating to technical procedures and / or governmental regulations 
    • Proficient in Windows applications, MS Office Suite, internet and email 
    • Exhibit prudent principles and practices of accounting knowledge 
    • Experience in using accounting coding systems 
    • Ability to work with numbers with accuracy and a rapid manner in order to meet established deadlines 
    • Possess integrity, judgement, responsiveness, and strong attention to detail 
    • Ability to maintain accurate and auditable files (required). 
    • General knowledge of state and federal employment laws preferred 
    • Demonstrate excellence in self-motivation and strong organizational skills 
    • Ability to read and interpret technical procedures and/or governmental regulations 
    • Ability to write reports and business correspondence required 
    • Ability to maintain confidential records and files 
    • Experience with PEIMS and TSDS data standards preferred
    • Ability to establish and maintain a professional and effective working relationship with LEA staff, grant managers, auditors, federal, state, and LEA financial officials
    Three (3) years School District Business Office experience preferred
    Three (3) years general bookkeeping/accounting experience
  • Director of Special Education

    Location: Education Service Center Region 15
    Reports To: Associate Director
    Department: Special Education
    FLSA: Exempt
    Salary: Contingent upon ESC Region 15 Salary Schedule
    Mission: Education Service Center Region 15 is dedicated to excellence in education through leadership, partnership, and service.

    Major Responsibilities and Duties:
    • Coordinate the implementation of programs and budgets in compliance with the approved IDEA-B program guidelines and regulations.
    • Coordinate with Local Education Agencies (LEA) for on-site consultative technical assistance in the accountability and monitoring process (PBMAS, TAIS, SPP) and serve on a Turnaround Team.
    • Coordinate with staff the implementation of Texas Education Agency ESC State Leadership programs and research based activities.
    • Coordinate with LEAs for training, technical assistance and program services based on regional needs assessment and state initiatives.
    • Utilize content and pedagogical expertise to design and execute engaging professional development around best practices in successful Professional Development.
    • Assist LEAs with their comprehensive system of personnel development that is based on identified needs in the regional needs assessment process.
    • Assist LEAs in complying with IDEA-B reports, budget amendments, MOE, program evaluations, State Performance Plan data, final expenditure reports, (eGrants), etc.
    • Provide support and cooperation to other center components offering comprehensive special education and regular education staff development.
    • Assist in developing strategies for cooperating and working with other agencies.
    • Develop systems for monitoring and tracking data for federal and state program reviews.
    • Provide technical assistance and training in the application process for Non-Ed and Residential funds.
    • Attend professional meetings, seminars, and other training sessions to be informed of current innovations and research in programs serving children with disabilities.
    • Provide technical assistance, mentorship, and supervision of the Education Service Center Region 15 ACP students.
    • Prepare and maintain accurate and complete records and reports as required by law, state directives, ESC policy and procedural directives.
    • Cooperate with other staff members in the planning, implementation and evaluation of all the goals, objectives and activities of the Education Service Center Region 15.
    • Participate as a member of the Education Service Center Region 15 School Improvement Team and the Turnaround Advisory Team.
    • Responsible for level one grievances from staff members employed in the program areas of responsibility.
    • Provide consultative technical assistance and staff development to local education agencies in evaluation and programming of students with disabilities.
    • Coordinate with the Associate Director and other staff in the development of evaluation procedures to determine the effectiveness of service center services.
    • Coordinate with the Associate Director and other staff in conducting region-wide needs assessments.
    • Coordinate with the Associate Director and other staff in submitting new program proposals to provide for continued improvement and expansion of services from the Education Service Center.
    • Perform other duties as assigned by the Associate Director or Executive Director.
    Special Knowledge/Skills:
    • Possess strong problem-solving and leadership skills  
    • Knowledge of educational law, governance, TEA initiatives and special projects 
    • Knowledge of curriculum and instruction 
    • Ability to interpret data and evaluate instructional programs and teaching effectiveness 
    • Ability to manage budget and personnel 
    • Ability to implement policy and procedures 
    • Strong communication, public relations and interpersonal skills
    • Demonstrate excellence in self-motivation and strong organizational skills
    • Exhibit prudent principles and practices of accounting knowledge 
    • Possess integrity, judgement, responsiveness and strong attention to detail 
    • Self-driven to read, interpret, and communicate information relating to technical procedures and/or governmental regulations
    Valid Texas Educator Certification (required)
    Mid-management certification (preferred)
    Master’s Degree (required)

    District level special education experience (required)
    Three (3) years of experience as a classroom teacher
    Five (5) years of experience in instructional leadership roles  

    For More Information:
    David Bedford, Associate Director

  • Early Head Start Substitute Teacher

    Location: Early Head Start - Brownwood, TX
    Reports To: EHS/HS Director and Center Director 
    Department: Early Head Start/ Head Start
    FLSA: Hourly
    Salary: $70.00 (Full Day)/ $35.00 (Half Day)
    Mission: Education Service Center Region 15 is dedicated to excellence in education through leadership, partnership, and service.

    Position Purpose:  
    As a service organization, Education Service Center Region 15’s primary commitment is to provide superior support to every Local Education Agency (LEA) stakeholder served.  Our people are our greatest asset.  As the Early Head Start Substitute, this position will assist in cultivating a service focused culture within the Early Head Start Program and amongst Early Head Start staff by providing support and resources necessary to accomplish the ESC’s values, mission, strategies, and goals.  

    This position reports to the Early Head Start Center Director and is responsible to comply with all federal guidelines (Head Start Performance Standards, etc.) and local Early Head Start policies in providing children and families with Early Head Start services. 

    Major Duties/Responsibilities:
    • Engage in respectful partnerships with families to promote child/student success and family well-being. 
    • Assist children with diapering and toileting using approved procedures.
    • Supervise and interacts with children during all indoor and outdoor activities.
    • Use calm, non-threatening voice.
    • Demonstrate respect for each child and accepts differences in children.
    • Correct through conversation.
    • Follow safety and environment regulations.
    • Maintain confidentiality of child and family information.
    • Model correct speech patterns and vocabulary for children.
    • Interact in a positive manner with parents and treats them with respect.
    • Maintain a safe environment for children.
    • Act as primary caregiver.
    • Substitute in classes; as needed for teachers or assistants.
    • Follow teacher’s instructions regarding individual lesson plans.
    • Provide emergency medical care for children, as needed.
    • Assist at meals and snacks and with clean-up of tables and floors.
    • Monitor the appropriate approved persons to pick up the children.
    • Clean and sanitizes manipulatives, toys, floors, laundry, and other materials throughout the day.
    • Comply with ESC Region 15 and center policies.
    • Cooperate with supervisor concerning working hours and center policies.
    • Report for work ready to perform responsibilities.
    • Perform duties that directly and/or indirectly impact student performance in Region 15.
    • Maintain a professional level of confidentiality regarding all ESC matters.
    • Support the mission, goals, and objectives of the ESC strategic plan.
    • Uphold and adhere to safety rules and policies of the ESC safety program.
    • Perform professional responsibilities as required by ESC policies, processes, and procedures.
    • Meet proficiency levels of required technology skills as outlined by supervisor.
    • Incorporate appropriate technology in daily work and exhibits continual growth in technologies as outlined by supervisor.
    • Perform other duties as assigned by the Center Director, Head Start/Early Head Start Director and/or Executive Director.
    Special Knowledge/Skills:
    • CPR and First Aid Certification
    • Knowledge and skills appropriate for working with infants and toddlers, including: development and safety issues
    • Valid Texas driver’s license or other reliable mode of transportation during work hours, required
    • Proof of current automobile liability insurance required
    • Ability to follow instructions and uphold the high standard of Early Head Start quality of care according to the Head Start Performance Standards required
    • Must be service driven
    • Must possess the ability to assume personal responsibility, maintain a positive outlook, and relate to varied populations
    • Must have the ability to multi-task, work independently, efficiently organize, and communicate effectively with center directors and center staff
    • Must have strong interpersonal skills, possess the ability to work as a team player, enjoy a variety of activities, and possess organizational and time management skills
    • Must be physically able to participate in moderate to high levels of physical activity, such as, but not limited to, standing for moderate to lengthy periods of time, lifting and carrying (up to 50 lbs.), climbing, stooping, bending, and reaching
    • Must be able to tolerate contact with cleaning and sanitizing products
    Minimum of one year experience working with infants, toddlers, and/or young children birth through 5 years of age required

    For More Information:
    Patty McBride

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